IHSG Conference Updates

The 10th IHSG Conference in Oregon is drawing closer.  Space is limited on tours and some other activities so now is the time to make arrangements to attend the 2019 conference.  The following are some updates:


The program can be found on the conference web site at the program tab:

Link:  https://ihsg2019.org/program/

Check back in here as the program will be updated in the near future.


Registration continues for the conference.  To register for the conference or tours and other activities, please click on the registration tab to get signed up at the IHSG conference web site:

Link:   https://ihsg2019.org/registration/

Information about lodging and other travel considerations can be found under other tabs on the web site.

Accompanying Persons Tour

Coming to Corvallis with a conference delegate and not attending the sessions or workshops?   There is a nice accompany persons program that will take you to many of western Oregon’s best points of interest.  For more information, please visit the link below:

Link:  https://ihsg2019.org/accompanying-persons-tour/

I look forward to seeing you in Corvallis.

Call for Abstracts 10th IHSG Conference

The Local Organizing Committee for the 10th IHSG Conference is pleased to announce the opening call for abstracts.

To submit an abstract, please click on the link below or copy the web address below into your web browser to go to the IHSG conference web site:

Link:   https://ihsg2019.org/

Web Address:   https://ihsg2019.org/

Once you are at the IHSG conference web site, please select the Call for Abstracts tab.  Instructions on how to prepare and submit your abstract can be found on this page.

I look forward to seeing you in Corvallis, Oregon USA in 2019.

The Journal of Applied Seed Production

The Journal of Applied Seed Production was published by the IHSG membership over a 17-year period.  The journal’s publication run began in 1983 and ended in 1999.  During that time span, 231 papers were published in the journal by authors from 24 countries.  The journal published original research papers as well as notes and reviews.  Abstracts and keynote papers from past IHSG conferences were included in supplements to the journal’s regular issues.

IHSG Membership Invitation


As president of the International Herbage Seed Group (IHSG), I am pleased to invite you to join the IHSG or to renew your membership if you are currently a member.  All current members are required to renew their memberships.  Membership in the IHSG is free of charge.

The IHSG is an organization dedicated to improving our understanding of the science and technology of grass and forage legume seed production.  The IHSG first started meeting in 1987 and has offered 9 international conferences and 5 workshops at locations across the globe.  In addition to hosting international meetings, the organization has also produced publications including a long-running newsletter, two books, and a journal.

To become a member of the IHSG or to renew your membership, select the membership tab here on the IHSG web site.  Fill out the form on the membership page and submit the requested information.  Nothing else is needed.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

The domain transfer and site migration is complete

Thanks to the cooperation and assistance of one.com and WordPress.com, the domain transfer and site migration to our permanent domain ihsg.org is now complete.  These activities took less than 24 hours to accomplish; however, more than 5 months of hard work was done to get the site to this point and to get it rebuilt from the ashes of the old site.

Your browser should redirect you from ihsgorg.wordpress.com (the temporary site) to ihsg.org (the permanent home for the IHSG web site).

Change is coming soon…

The long delay will soon be over – I thank you for your patience.  This web site was set up on this temporary domain ihsgorg.wordpress.com after IHSG’s web site was taken down.  The change to the permanent domain is currently underway.

There will be an announcement in the near future regarding the domain and address for this site.