The Journal of Applied Seed Production

The Journal of Applied Seed Production was published by the IHSG membership over a 17-year period.  The journal’s publication run began in 1983 and ended in 1999.  During that time span, 231 papers were published in the journal by authors from 24 countries.  The journal published original research papers as well as notes and reviews.  Abstracts and keynote papers from past IHSG conferences were included in supplements to the journal’s regular issues.

The journal’s demise was largely attributed to financial problems stemming from a decline in subscriptions and an increase in the cost of producing the periodical.  Submissions of new manuscripts had also fallen further exacerbating the group’s ability to continue publication of the journal.  To this day, there has not been a replacement – a journal where seed production papers have been featured in one place.  Scholars and practitioners alike must seek out these papers in a variety of journals scattered from across the globe.

A wealth of scientific findings and applications of technology in the field of seed production exist on the pages of this journal.  The IHSG is proud to present all 17 years of the Journal of Applied Seed Production here on our web site for the use of our membership and by others interested in seed production.

The journal can be found under the Publications tab on the web site or by following the link below:

Journal of Applied Seed Production

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