Volume 6

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Effect of Threshing Method, Drying Temperature and Storage Condition on Microbial Deterioration of Soybean Seeds by U.R. Sangakkara

Sangakkara 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_1-5

Distribution of Gloeotinia temulenta, Claviceps purpurea, and Anguina agrostis among Grasses in the Willamette Valley of Oregon in 1988 by S.C. Alderman

Alderman 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_6-10

Screening Commercial Alfalfa Cultivars for Tolerance to Alfalfa Seed Chalcid (Bruchophagus roddi) (Hymenoptera: Eurytomidae) by R.H. Holtkamp, K.J. Morthorpe and A.D. Clift

Holtkamp et al 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_11-13

Effect of Drought Stress and Mineral Nitrogen Supply on Growth and Seed Yield of White Clover In Mediterranean Conditions by M. Danyach-Deschamps and J. Wery

Danyach-Deschamps and Wery 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_14-19

Influence of Seed Source on Soybean Productivity by M. Izaurralde and W.T. Schapaugh, Jr.

Izaurralde and Schapaugh 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_20-26

Crop Management and Seed Harvesting of Arachis pintoi Krap. et Greg. nom. nud.
by B.G. Cook and T.G. Franklin

Cook and Franklin 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_26-30

Relationships Between Dry Matter Yield, Seed Yield and Flowering Time in Annual Forage Legumes Under Dry Conditions by B.H. Somaroo

Somaroo 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_31-35

Effect of Plant Density on Carrot Seed Yield and Quality Under Seed-to-Seed Production Systems in California, Oregon, and Washington by T.L. Noland, J.D. Maguire, R.N. Oliva, K.J. Bradford, J.L. Nelson, D. Grabe, and S. Currans

Noland et al 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_36-43

Outbreaks of March Fly Bibio xanthopus (Wiedemann) in Grass Seed Fields in Western Oregon by J.A. Kamm

Kamm 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_43-45

Autumn Sowing Date and Seeding Rate Affect Seed Production of Prairie Grass
by M.D. Hare, M.P. Rolston, R.E. Falloon and R.E. Hickson

Hare et al 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_46-54

An Examination of Different Shoot Age Groups and their Contribution to the Protracted Flowering Pattern in Birdsfoot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.) by Qingfeng Li and M.J. Hill

Li and Hill 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_54-62

Kansas Wheat Seed: A Comparison of the Quality of Wheat Seed Planted in 1973 and 1984 by J.R. Stanelle, R.L. Vanderlip, L.A. Burchett and J.P. Shroyer

Stanelle et al 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_62-67

A Novel Technique for the Control of Volunteer Seedlings in White Clover Seed Crops
by P.C.D. Newton, A.I. Popay, A. Ingle, R.M. Kerr and E.M. Glasgow

Newton et al 1988 J Appl Seed Prod 6_68-75

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