Volume 5

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Producing High Seed Yields from High Forage Producing White Clover Cultivars
by P.T.P. Clifford

Clifford 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_1-9

Effect of Seeding Rate, Row spacing and Seed Size on Chickpea Yield and Seed Size
by GA. Murray and D.L. Auld

Murray and Auld 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_10-17

Modification of Stolon Growth and Development of White Clover (Trifolium repens L.) by Growth Regulators and its Influence on Flower Production
by A.H. Marshall and D .H. Hides

Marshall and Hides 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_18-25

Breeding for Seed Retention in Orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.)
by M. Falcinelli

Falcinelli 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_25-31

Quality Factors in White Clover Seed Production
by J.G. Hampton, P.T.P. Clifford, and M.P. Rolston

Hampton et al 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_32-40

Seeding Rate Effects on Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed Yields and Plant Population Density
by R.L. McGraw and P.R. Beuselinck

McGraw and Beuselinck 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_41-44

Effect of Soil pH on Availability of Glyphosate in Soil to Germinating Ryegrass Seedlings
by M.K. Kawate and A.P. Appleby

Kawate and Appleby 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_45-49

Improvement of Regar Meadow Bromegrass Seed Yield by Residue Removal and Nitrogen Fertilization
by L.E. Wiesner, L.E. Welty, and S.F. Upton

Wiesner et al 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_49-53

A Review of the Chemical Control of Growth, Development and Yield in Lolium Perenne Grown for Seed
by P.D. Hebblethwaite

Hebblethwaite 1987 J Appl Seed Prod 5_54-59

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