Volume 13

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Do Low, Non-Freezing Night Temperatures During Anthesis Affect Seed Set in Bromus inermus Leyss. and Poa pratensis L.?  by Trygve Sveen Aamlid

Aamlid 1995 J Appl Seed prod 13_1-9

Seed Yield Response of Perennial Ryegrass to Spring Applied Nitrogen at Different Rates of Paclobutrazol by W.C. Young III, D.O. Chilcote and H.W. Youngberg

Young et al 1995 J Appl Seed Prod 13_10-15

Perennial Ryegrass Response to Application of Composted Grass Seed Straw by D.B. Churchill, W.R. Horwath, L.F. Elliott and D.M. Bilsland

Churchill et al 1995 J Appl Seed prod 13_16-22

Analysis of Seed Yield Components in Chicory (Cichorium intybus L.) by G. Fanizza and G. Damato

Fanizza and Damato 1995 J Appl Seed Prod 13_22-24

Environmental Influences on Seed Yield Components of White Clover by S.V. Pasumarty, S. Higuchi and T. Murata

Pasumarty et al 1995 J Appl Seed Prod 13_25-31

Establishing Red Clover Seed Stands in the Autumn with Cereal Cover Crops by W.C. Young III and H.W. Youngberg

Young and Youngberg 1995 J Appl Seed Prod 13_32-36

Hybrid Seed Production Through Natural Open Pollination in Chilli (Capsicum annuum L.) by B.S. Gill and S.S. Gill 

Gill and Gill 1995 J Appl Seed Prod 13_37-38    

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