Scientific programme

Sunday 17 June


Afternoon and evening

Registation desk opens

Arrival at Sandefjord airport Torp (direct flights from London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam). Shuttle service to Gjennestad college.

20.00 Supper & welcome party

Monday 18 June

07.30-08.30 Breakfast
08.30 Official opening by IHSG president Birte Boelt and conference chairman
Trygve S. Aamlid, Norway.
09.00 Introductory session: Seed production and seed trade in a globalized world.
Keynote speaker: Ole Bech Bondesen, Denmark.

Session 1: Herbage seed for the future: Biodiversity

"GMOs and the role of seed yield capacity in herbage breeding programs."
Keynote speaker: Odd Arne Rognli, Norway.

Oral presentations, 15 min each.

Athole Marshall, UKStrategies to combine improved reproductive and forage traits in plant breeding programmes
Parviz Moradi, IranRelationship between seed yield and it's components using path analysis in ten populations of Poa angustifolia collected from Zanjan province in Iran
A. Jafari, IranVariation for seed yield, agronomic and morphological traits among Iranian accessions of Bromus tomentellus

Poster presentations: 2 min presentation

S. Afakar, IranEvaluation of seed yield and seed components in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Screb.) through correlation, regression and path analysis
A. Jafari, IranVariation for seed yield and seed components among Iranian accessions of Bromus persicus
Bruno Studer, DenmarkEffect of self incompatibility on seed yield in perennial ryegrass populations derived from full sib progenies
V. Mihailovi, SerbiaSeed yield and seed yield components in winter cultivars of common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)
William Johnston, USAKentucky bluegrass for non-burn seed production
Renzo Torricelli, ItalyImproved seed production in a new Italian cultivar of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.)
Markku Niskanen, FinlandExperience of perennial ryegrass seed production in Finland of cultivars bred for central Europe.
G. Amato, ItalyForage and seed yield of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L.) genotypes in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment
C. Løjtnant, DenmarkModeling pollen dispersal between white clover fields – Relevant to co-existence with GM-white clover

12.00-13.00 Lunch.

Session 2: Plant Breeding and Seed Production of Tropical Species and Species for Stressful Environments

"Plant breeding and seed production of apomictic tropical grasses"
Invited speaker: John W. Miles, USA.

Oral presentations, 15 min each

Donald S. Loch, AustraliaSources of new tropical forage cultivars: past, present and future
Fahimeh Arab, IranSeed and seedling response to salinity effects in two species of Atriplex halimus and Atriplex semibaccata
Don Lock, AustraliaDevelopment of new Chloris gayana cultivars with improved salt tolerance from 'Finecut' and 'Topcut' (Don Lock presenting on behalf of Margaret Zorin).
Jay Burr, USADevelopment of a Texas Bluegrass Hybrid for turf usage

No poster is this session. 15 min for final discussion


Session 3: Physiological Restraints to Seed Set and Seed Filling.

Oral presentations, 15 min each.

Phil Rolston, New ZealandAchieving forage ryegrass seed yields of 3000 kg/ha: and limitations to higher yields
Jason Trethewey, New ZealandCarbohydrates and seed yield limits in forage ryegrass
Rene Gislum, DenmarkTranslocation of nitrogen (N) to the seeds of perennial ryegrass in relation to the availability of N

No poster is this session. 15 min for final discussion.

16.00-20.00 Bus excursion to seed fields and on-farm seed production trials in Vestfold county:
Timothy, meadow rescue, red clover, Kentucky bluegrass.
20.00-23.00 BBQ on a seed production farm
Hosts: Norwegian seed companies and Norwegian seed Growers Association.

Tuesday 19 June

07.30-8.30 Breakfast

Session 4: Establishing the Potential for High and Pure Seed Yields

"Seed production in the northern light: Implications of temperature and daylength for flower induction and seed yield."
Invited speaker: Ola M. Heide, Norway

Oral presentations, 15 min each

Trygve S. Aamlid, NorwayTiller dynamics and yield contribution in seed crops of Bromus inermis and Festuca pratensis established on different dates and with different plant densities
Huseyin Ozpinar, TurkeyThe effect of barley ratios (Hordeum vulgare L.) as a companion crop on seed yield and yield components of common vetch (Vicia sativa L.) sown at different rates
Richard Chynoweth, New ZealandWinter wheat: its effect on ryegrass seed yield and control options
L. R. Nelson, USAVacuum seed planter to plant ryegrass seed in spaced plant nursery
Karagic Dura, SerbiaAlfalfa seed yield depending on cutting schedule
A.C. Wallenhammar, SwedenWeed regulation by cutting organic seed crops of red and white clover

Poster presentations: 2 min presentation

A.C.Wallenhammar, SwedenEstablishment and seed rate in seed leys of timothy
A.C.Wallenhammar, SwedenWeed regulation and crop establishment in organic ley seed of red clover, timothy and meadow fescue.
Kari Bysveen, NorwayCover crops and weed control in establishment of organic seed crops of meadow fescue
Svein Solberg, NorwaySubterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum) as a companion crop during establishment of organic seed crops of timothy
D. Giambalvo, ItalyEffects of forage utilization on seed production of sulla (Hedysarum coronarium L) in a Mediterranean environment
Oiva Niemeléinen, FinlandAlternating forage and seed production as a tool to improve feasibility of tall fescue seed production at northern latitudes?
Solvejg Kopp Mathiassen, DenmarkPredicting herbicide selectivity in grass seed crops from pot experiments
Radek Machac, CzechSelectivity of some herbicides in eight grass species grown for seed in the conditions of Central Europe – preliminary results
Kirsten Semb Tørresen, NorwayControl of grass weeds in seed production of Phleum pratense, Poa pratensis and Festuca rubra
Francois Deneufbourg, FranceWeeds control in grass seed production: estimation of risk and consequences of blackgrass presence in perenial ryegrass
Ants Bender, EstoniaAgrotechnology of seed production of Koeleria gracilis Pers.
I. Ayan, TurkeyImportance of Turkey ecological conditions in herbage seed production

12.00-13.00 Lunch.

Session 5: Fertility, Plant Growth Regulators and Plant Protection.

Oral presentations, 15 min each.

Lars Monrad Hansen, DenmarkEconomic damage for the clover seed weevil (Apion fulvipes Geoff.) and the lesser clover leaf weevil (Hypera nigrirostris Fab.) attacking white clover (Trifolium repens L.) seed crops
Solvejg Kopp Mathiassen, DenmarkFactors affecting the activity of Moddus M in red fescue
Bill Young, USA Response of creeping red fescue (Festuca rubra L.) and perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) to spring nitrogen fertility and plant growth regulator applications in Oregon.
Rene Gislum, DenmarkEconomical optimal nitrogen (ECO-N) application rate is all that matters for the growers
Christian Haldrup, DenmarkEconomy of extra fertilizer, growth regulator and fungicide inputs in Danish seed production
Nick Pyke, New ZealandWhite clover: Growing it in competition

Poster presentations: 2 min presentation

B. Cagas, CzechFungicides in the Czech grass seed production
J.I. Øverland, NorwayPlant growth regulators and insect control in seed production of red clover.
G. Rijckaert, BelgiumEffects of trinexapac-ethyl (Moddus) in seed crops of Italian ryegrass and timothy
Mark Mellbye, USAUse of growth regulators on annual ryegrass - the Oregon Experience
John Hart, USAComparison of soil N tests for prediction of spring N rate in perennial ryegrass seed production
Marie-Laure CasalsNitrogen Fertilization Of Italian Ryegrass For Seed Production: Requierement Evaluation For N Supply Calculation
Rene Gislum, DenmarkCorrelation between seed yield and biomass-nitrogen: A case study using multiple field experiments
J.R. van der Schoot, NetherlandsSulphur fertilization in seed crops of Lolium perenne
Peter Kryger, DenmarkLongevity of seeds of Poa pratensis and Vulpia bromoides under field conditions as related to burial depth and straw cover


Session 6: Statisical Methods, Seed Harvest and Post-harvest Issues.

Oral presentations, 15 min each.

Kristian Kristensen, DenmarkImplications of correlation between yield from the same plot from year to year
Birte Boelt, DenmarkPost harvest treatments in Poa pratensis - effect on carbohydrates and tiller development
Lars T. Havstad, NorwayStraw residue management in seed production of meadow fescue and timothy

Poster presentations: 2 min presentation

G. Di Giorgio, ItalyEffect of harvest date on seed yield and quality of Scorpiurus muricatus L.
G. Di Giorgio, ItalyPatterns of hardseed breakdown within Scorpiurus muricatus L. in a semi-arid Mediterranean environment
Jonas Slepetys, LithaueniaInvestigation harvest timing of fodder galega(Galega orientalis Lam.) seed and germination losses during storage
Thomas B. Silberstein, USAUsing Seed Moisture To Determine Optimum Swathing Time In Annual Ryegrass (Lolium Multiflorum L) Seed Production
Jon Atle Repstad, NorwayInfluence of harvest timing on the storability of timothy seed
D. Graziano, ItalyHardseededness and patterns of seed softening in burr medic (Medicago polymorpha L.)
Jorge A. Castanio, ArgentinaOptimum harvest time of tall wheatgrass

18.30 IHSG Business meeting.
20.00 Conference dinner.

Wednesday 20 June


08.15 Departure from Gjennestad by bus.
Visit to one or two seed growers on our way to Landvik Research Station.
12.30-13.00 Arrival Landvik, lunch.

Field day in seed production and turf trials at Landvik.
Hosts: Lars T. Havstad and Trygve S. Aamlid, Norway.


Voyage along the Norwegian south coast on board the veteran sailing vessel 'Solrik'. Meal on board.
17.00 Buses depart for Quality Hotel Kristiansand (for those not going on post-conference tour to Denmark) and Kristiansand ferry habour.
19.15-23.45 Evening ferry crossing to Hirtshals, Denmark onboard Colorline's the M/S Christian IV
23.55 Arrival at Hotel Skaga

Registration is closed!


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