Newsletter Issue 41, December 2008

President’s Column

Dear member of the International Herbage Seed Group

I’m happy to announce that our website is now updated and active

IHSG web-site

The website is based on a content management system that offers its users a number of services. The main purpose of the portal is to inform about new activities in the International Herbage Seed Group. In addition, users can draw inspiration from a new publication list and last but not least, users will be able to find colleagues in other parts of the world sharing the same interests. You will also find information on previous IHSG activities – among those the proceedings from the IHSG conferences from the first one in 1987 to the latest in 2006.

I hope you will spend some time to explore the facilities and please check that your member information is correct. For more detail read the attached document "Introduction to updated IHSG website".

7th IHSG conference

During and after the 6th IHSG conference there have been discussions on the location for our next meeting.

It is a great pleasure for me to inform, that the next IHSG conference will take place during April 2010 in Overton Texas hosted by Texas A&M AgriLIFE. Our colleague Professor LLoyd R. Nelson will be the Chair of the local organising comitee.

Further information will be available on our website during spring 2009.

Information on regional activities

With the perspective to stimulate communication of ‘regional news’ a panel of regional contact persons was appointed during the 6th IHSG conference. As an example Phil Rolston has send ‘New Zealand Seed Research Update’ – and he really has great news to tell: A consortium of researchers obtained a 5 year contract to work on a project entitled “Advanced Seed Production” led by John Hampton (Lincoln University). I would like to congratulate John and co-workers with this exciting programme. For more detail read the attached PDF document "New Zealand Seed Research Update".

In recognition of the outstanding contribution to research and extension for the New Zealand arable the "Researcher of the Year" has been presented to Phil Rolston, AgResearch. For more detail read the attached PDF document "Researcher of the YearPhil Rolston". I would like to congratulate Phil with this award.

With this appetizer I would like to invite IHSG members to contribute regional news to the web-site.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy 2009!


Birte Boelt
President of the International Herbage Seed Group

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