Newsletter Issue 40, December 2006

President’s Column

At present we really appreciate that our country, Denmark, is located in a cold, wet (and dark) climate! I guess we’re all curious to know, if we will get a white Christmas this year – most likely we will not! At the same time I know, that our colleagues in New Zealand and elsewhere in the Southern hemisphere, are preparing for seed harvest!

At the moment I an receiving updates from New Zealand, as my colleague is working there, and it often strikes me, how easy it has become to communicate – using the email or webbased facilities. Advantages from sabbaticals are obvious: As you will see from the joint paper ‘EConomical Optimal Nitrogen (ECO-N) application rate in herbage grass seed production’ by René Gislum and Phil Rolston collaboration has been intensified – in an area where also scientists from France and North America are involved. Globally it seems that public concern on environmental issues already has or
may have implications on the use of nutrients – especially Nitrogen, where we in Denmark have restrictions on the
amount of Nitrogen the farmer can apply. It is crucial for the grower organisations and the seed industry to have data on
the implications of any restriction on Nitrogen use. This requires a large dataset, and this may be far too expensive for
one country/region to attain, and expertise to analyse this data needs to be built up.

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