Newsletter Issue 34, March 2002

President's Column

As was detailed in my last column, the IHSG is going through a transition period. Much of this transition is rooted in the financial difficulties created by the loss of the Journal of Applied Seed Production, and the subscription fees that supported the newsletter. These could be called “difficult times,” but I prefer to look at it more optimistically. Thus, the challenge is to identify the new opportunities we have given this situation. The new logo introduced on the cover of this issue is both a beginning and an end. The beginning is, of course, a new image for our group. The end, unfortunately, is that this issue will be the last hardcopy edition of the International Herbage Seed Group newsletter. Many of us have enjoyed reading the 33 earlier issues stretching back to September 1979 (No.1), and will regret that the one we are now holding (No. 34) will be the last. Nevertheless, we will look beyond this loss for continued opportunities to “cooperate and communicate” among those of us “actively engaged seed production.”

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