JASP VII (1989)

  • Seed and Seed Coat Characteristics in Six Seed Classes of Alfalfa
    by T.L. Springer and S.D. Kindler
  • Growth Regulator Effects on Seed Production of Bromus willdenowii Kunth. cv. Grasslands Matua
    by J.G. Hampton, M.P. Rolston and M.D. Hare
  • Ethofumesate and Frost Tolerance of Lotus pedunculatus, White Clover and Cocksfoot
    by J.L. Brock, M.P. Rolston, D.H. Greer, and G. Halligan
  • Competition Between Vegetative and Reproductive Growth and its Effects on Reproductive Abortion and Pod Set in Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill)
    by Wanchai Chanprasert, Peter Coolbear, and Murray J. Hill
  • A Survey of Microorganisms Associated with Birdsfoot Trefoil Seed
    by P.R. Beuselinck, R.J. Kremer, and R.L. McGraw
  • Inflorescence, Bumble Bee, and Climate Interactions in Seed Crops of a Tetraploid Red Clover (Trifolium pratense L.)
    by P.T.P. Clifford and D. Scott
  • Effect of Forage Harvest Frequency on Bermuda grass Seed Yield Under Dryland Conditions
    by T.L. Springer and C.M. Taliaferro
  • Effect of Row Spacing, Seeding Rate and Nitrogen Fertilization on Seed Yield of Perennial Ryegrass under Dryland Conditions
    by E. Acikgoz and A. Karagoz
  • Seed Production of Prairie Grass. I. Effect of Spring Sowing Date, Seeding Rate and Defoliation
    by M.D. Hare and M.P. Rolston
  • Seed Production of Prairie Grass. II. EffeCt of Sowing Method and Time of Nitrogen Application
    by M.D. Hare, K.R. Brown, W.J. Archie, and M. P. Rolston
  • A Study of Flower Development and Seed Yield Components in Birds foot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus L.)
    by Qingfeng Li and M.J. Hill
  • A Study on Post-peak Flowering Shoot Manipulation for Seed Production of Lotus corniculatus L.
    by Qingfeng Li and Murray J. Hill
  • Book Review - Seed Moisture
    by Peter Coolbear
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