JASP III (1985)

  • 'Grasslands Maim' Lotus (Lotus pedunculatus Cav.) Seed Production. 3. Effect of Time of Closing and Severity of Defoliation on Seed Yields.
    by M.D. Hare
  • Scarification of Lotus Seed.
    by M.D. Hare and M.P. Rolston
  • Seed Yield Response to Fungicide Application in Paclobutrazol Treated Perennial Ryegrass.
    by J.G. Hampton and P.D. Hebblethwaite
  • The Effect of Time of Application of the Growth Retardant Flurprimidol (ELSOO) on Seed Yields and Yield Components in Lolium perenne L.
    by P.D. Hebblethwaite, J.G. Hampton, G.R. Batts and S. Barrett 
  • A Comparison of the Effects of the Growth Retardants Paclobutrazol (PP333) and Flurprimidol (ELSOO) on the Growth, Development and Yield of Lolium perenne Grown for Seed.
    by J .G. Hampton and P.D. Hebblethwaite
  • Immaturity as a Cause of Low Quality in Seed of Panicum maximum.
    by J .M. Hopkinson and B.H. English
  • Seed Dormancy and Germination of Switchgrass from Different Row Spacings and Nitrogen Levels.
    by R.E. Mullen, P.C. Kassel, T.B. Bailey, and A.D. Knapp
  • Effect of Pesticide Residues in Alfalfa Pollen and Nectar on the Foraging and Reproduction Activities of Alfalfa Leafcutting Bees (Megachile rotundata).
    by C.M. Rincker and D.A. George
  • Lodging Control and Yield Enhancement in Morex Spring Barley with Paclobutrazol Treatment. 
    by L.A. Morrison and D.O. Chilcote
  • Seminar on Floret Site Utilization.
    by W.J .M. Meijer
  • Developmental and Physiological Aspects of Seed Production in Herbage Grasses.
    by C. Marshall
  • Floret Site Utilization in Grasses: Definitions, Breeding Perspectives and Methodology.
    by A. Elgersma

  • The Effect of Uneven Ripening on Floret Site Utilization in Perennial Ryegrass Seed Crops.
    by W.J.M. Meijer
  • The Influence of Environmental and Agronomic Factors on Floret Site Utilization in Perennial Ryegrass.
    by P. D. Hebblethwaite 
  • Factors Affecting Seed Yield in Breeding Material of Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.).
    by A.J .P. van Wijk
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