International Herbage Seed Conference Gjennestad Norway 2007

To delegates with presentations at the 6th International Herbage Seed Conference, Gjennestad Norway, 17-20 June 2007

Thank you very much for submitting your papers for the IHSG conference in June. As organizers, we are very pleased and encouraged by the great interest for the conference. Besides the invited speakers, we have received about 60 voluntary papers from a total of 18 countries. This gives expectations that the upcoming conference will be a successful one!

Based on the abstracts received, Birte Boelt and I have worked out a program for the sessions on June 18 and 19, see enclosure. Because of time limitations, some of you who wanted to make an oral presentation will have to present a poster instead. However, immediately before the poster session, presenters of all posters will be given two minutes (one PowerPoint slide) to draw attention to their poster, and we will also make sure that the chairman of each session includes the posters in the final discussion.

The preliminary scientific program outlined a total of five thematically different sessions. In the enclosed version, we have tried to specify the topics somewhat further, and we have also included a new session on 'Physiological restraints to seed set and seed filling'. In order to achieve a reasonable balance between the various sessions, we had to move a few presentations from session to another, still ensuring that the topics do not deviate too much.

We hope you will be pleased with the enclosed program and that no major changes to the enclosed version will be necessary. However, if there are obvious misunderstandings or mistakes, please contact us during the next couple of weeks. On February 21 we will consider the program as final and post it on the conference website.

It is our intention to have the proceedings printed before the conference. This means that we must receive your complete copy-ready paper not later than May 1. Please observe the following instructions for authors:

  1. The paper should be written MS Word, using the style as exemplified in the enclosed file 'Paper to IHSG proceedings.
  2. Voluntary papers may cover a maximum of 5 pages, including tables and figures. Keynote presentations may cover up to 10 pages. In either case, the first page should consist of title, authors (including affiliations) abstract (up to 300 words) and keywords. Don't paginate!
  3. Tables and figures should be included in the text and not submitted separately. Figures will be reproduced in black/white only. Tables should have horizontal lines only.
  4. The scientific format (Abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion (or results & discussion), acknowledgement and literature, should be used wherever applicable.
  5. As for letter sizes and styles, see the attached example. All margins should be 2,5 cm.

Good luck with your manuscripts and please feel free to contact us if you have questions.

We kindly remind you that you have to register and pay the conference fee (click here) before 1 April to get the early registration rebate.


Trygve S. Aamlid and Birte Boelt