IHSG greetings from Norway

It is now almost two months since you left Landvik for Denmark. Since then we have had more than 250 mm of rainfall - indeed a very difficult harvest season. For more than a week, Hans Johan Kjølsrød, the president for Norwegian seed growers and host for your Norwegian barbeque night, had almost 30 ha of his Poa pratensis seed crops and even more of his potatoes under water, as Lågen, one of the main rivers in eastern Norway, was about 2m higher than usual. Of course there is no hope for the potatoes, but we still hope the seed that was flooded about 2 weeks prior to harvest will germinate OK. Do any of you have any experiences with regard to this?

Here at Landvik, we have - between the showers - completed the harvest of most of our grasses - the only thing that remains now is alsike- and red clover. Since you left we have also built a 600m2 new USGA-green for our next year Primo trials.

Thanks to those of you who sent positive E-mails and letters about the conference. Yes, I think it was a success, and that is primarily due to all of you who participated. Also, I was not surprised to learn from Birte and Christian that you had a most successful post-conference tour in Denmark.

I enclose the conference photo that was taken at Gjennestad. Thanks to Per Bjerkø's excellent idea of having all delegates stand up in the same order as in the list of delegates - I hope we can all be recognized.

I trust you perceive IHSG the same way as I do - not only as a group of seed scientists, advisors and merchants, but also as friends. I am looking forward to seeing your all again!

With my best regards

Trygve S. Aamlid

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