IHSG Conference 2007 - Information News Letter

For most of you, time of departure for Norway only a few days ahead. Therefore, a couple of updates:

About 15 of you have sent E-mail messages regarding your arrival time at Sandefjord airport. On arrival, you will be met by a person carrying an IHSG sign in the arrival hall. I encourage those who have not sent information to lars.havstad@bioforsk.no to do so, as we don't want to keep you waiting too long in the airport.

Some of you have indicated that you will arrive at Sandefjord Railway Station instead of Sandefjord airport. Provided you send information about arrival time to Lars, we will also try to have a car waiting at the railway station.

If any of you run into trouble on arrival, Lars and I can be contacted via mobile phones + 47 90676435 and + 47 90528378.

Route directions to Gjennestad Horticultural College (Web link).

Except for invited keynote speakers, the time allotted for each oral presentation is 15 minutes. This should include 2-3 minutes for questions for clarification, which means that you should only plan for a 12 min presentation! Normally, this means 10 PowerPoint-slides, perhaps a few more if you include photos.

In order to make sure that the posters get the same attention as the oral presentation, poster presenters are invited to prepare a 1 slide PowerPoint with the major points in their poster. Immediately before the poster session, delegates will be given 2 minutes to present this slide in the plenary session.

Poster layout size: 100 cm wide and 120-150 cm high.

To make sure we don't run into technical difficulties, all presenters should submit their ppt-files to lars.havstad@bioforsk.no not later than Wednesday 13 June !

No conference bags
For budget reasons, we do not plan to hand out conference bags. The proceedings is a printed book (370 p. paperback), and other brochures, information etc. will be given to the delegates in a paper envelope. Many of us have a whole inventory of bags from earlier conferences, and I encourage you to bring one of them, or whatever else you might have, with you to carry your papers.

Diet / vegetarian food
The kitchen at Gjennestad Horticultural College is very cooperative and has promised to do their best to accommodate special requirements. Please contact geir.fossnes@gjennestad.no ahead of the conference.

I really hope this won't be necessary, but should any of you need to be contacted on a short notice during the conference, the following numbers will work as emergency numbers:

+ 47 33 36 36 22: Geir Fossnes
+ 47 90 67 64 35: Lars Havstad
+ 47 90 52 83 78: Trygve S. Aamlid

+ 45 22 28 33 28: Birte Boelt

I hope this is the information that you need at the present stage. As this is probably my last general update before the conference, I wish you all a safe trip and look forward to seeing you in Norway.

In case I have forgotten something or something is unclear, don't hesitate to contact either Lars or me.

With the best wishes for a successful conference !

Best regards,

Trygve S. Aamlid