2015 8th IHSG Conference - CALL FOR PAPERS

Paper and poster titles and abstracts (500 words maximum) and preferred session area to Phil Rolston (phil.rolston@agresearch.co.nz) by 30 September 2014.


  1. Genetics and physiology for understanding seed yield potential;
    • germplasm
    • stress responses
    • environmental and/or developmental triggers
    • gene expression
  2. Breeding for seed yield in herbage/turf species
    • Omics (MAS/GWAS) vs conventional
  3. Agronomic management to achieve high seed yields
    • systems inputs (PGR, N;  water etc) and timing of inputs;  defoliation, etc
    • applications of Precision Agriculture in Herbage Seed Production. 
  4. Managing input restriction to meet environmental regulations and achieve sustainability
  5. Plant protection: Weeds, pests and disease’s
    • agrichemical responses
    • organic seed production
    • IPM (integrated pest management)
    • Biosecurity
  6. Seed production in developing countries: issues and models for production
    • environmental limitations– erosion, salinity etc
    • tropical seed production
    • infrastructure;
    • village based seed production
  7. Seed quality impacts from the field
    • Vigour,  seed purity and germination,
    • endophyte
  8. Seed technologies to enhance seed performance
  9. Extension,  tech transfer & training the next generation of seed researchers and seed agronomists