IHSG Newsletter

Newsletter Issue 45 July 2011

Grasses - more than just seed production!

Newsletter Issue 44 December 2010

Welcome to the 44th edition of the IHSG newsletter.

IHSG greeting December 2010


Newsletter Issue 43 September 2010

Welcome to the 43rd edition of the IHSG newsletter.

I would like to introduce Jason Trethewey as new IHSG newsletter editor. Athole Marshall informed me in spring, that he wanted to resign as the newsletter editor. On behalf of IHSG I want to thank Athole for all the work he has put into the newsletter since he became editor in 1998. “Thank you very much, Athole”. 

Newsletter Issue 42 December 2009

Dear member of the International Herbage Seed Group

I’m very happy to provide you information on the upcoming 7th International Herbage Seed Conference in Overton Texas in April 2010.

Newsletter Issue 41, December 2008

President’s Column

Dear member of the International Herbage Seed Group

I’m happy to announce that our website is now updated and active www.ihsg.org.

IHSG Conference 2007 - Information News Letter

At present we are receiving online registrations for the upcoming conference, and as of today we have received more than 40 registrations.

To those of you, who may not have registered yet, please note that an additional fee will be added on registrations received after 1 April.

The conference website (click here) has been updated with a small change in the programme and some general travel information.

Kind regards,

Trygve Aamlid and Birte Boelt

Newsletter Issue 40, December 2006

President’s Column

At present we really appreciate that our country, Denmark, is located in a cold, wet (and dark) climate! I guess we’re all curious to know, if we will get a white Christmas this year – most likely we will not! At the same time I know, that our colleagues in New Zealand and elsewhere in the Southern hemisphere, are preparing for seed harvest!

Newsletter Issue 39, December 2005

President’s Column

During the IHSG workshop in Winchester in July the presidency was passed from Bill Young to me, which I find both a great honour and a great challenge.

Newsletter Issue 38, April 2005

President’s Column

Welcome to the fourth issue (No. 38) of the electroniconly edition of the International Herbage Seed Group newsletter. Again, those reading it have received notice via e-mail that it was recently posted on the IHSG web site (http://cropandsoil.oregonstate.edu/ihsg/default.htm). Thank you for keeping your membership information current and encouraging your colleagues to do the same. Please continue to invite others to visit our web site and register as members. Presently, we have 238 members from 40 countries.