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Editor’s note: While those of you in the southern hemisphere are headed towards harvest, we are experiencing rather cold temperatures as we head full force into our winter months in Oregon. The recent crop year was warmer and dryer than average which resulted in lower yields and a tough planting season. But, we have now received quite a bit of rain and are all hopeful that we are turning the corner and headed into a productive year for our herbage seed species.

IHSG Newsletter 52

Editor’s note: Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have had a drier than normal winter with a hot dry El Niñosummer predicted to follow.  The daffodils are opening and spring is upon us.  The memories of the 8th IHSG conference and post-conference tour in China still make me smile.  It is always so motivating to meet and spend time with other seed researchers.  I look forward to Argentina in 2017. Post-harvest management and new sowings for the Northern hemisphere as the temperatures start to drop.

Invitation letter for visa application

Dear colleagues,

Regarding to issue the official invitation letter to the delegate and accompany person for the visa application, sine now Lanzhou University is on holiday, we can only ask the University to prepare this document at early of March while the University will be reopen.

Now you can send us your CV and scanned copy of information page of the passport, only the passport information is needed for the accompany person. We will prepare the official invitation letter as soon as the University re starts work.

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Newsletter issue 48, September 2013

Dear International Herbage Seed Group member,

Welcome to the 48th edition of the IHSG-newsletter.

During the upcoming workshop in New Zealand I will hand over the presidency to Phil Rolston and therefore this will be my last newsletter.

It has been a great honour for me to be the IHSG president through-out this eight year period and I would like to extend my warmest thanks to you all.

With kind regards


Birte Boelt


Newsletter issue 47, November 2012

Dear Member of the International Herbage Seed Group

Welcome to the 47th edition of the IHSG newsletter.


With kind regards

Birte Boelt

Newsletter Issue 46, 2011

Dear member of the International Herbage Seed Group

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and an happy 2012.

 Birte Boelt